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Budget Chic: House Painting as an Upgrade

People who want to upgrade their property often find the cost of renovations daunting. So, what do you do when your ambitions to enhance and beautify your home clash head-on with financial reality? The answer is to find an affordable way to upgrade your property but still makes a big impact and gives your property an immediate makeover. One of the best ways to have your cake and eat it too in this regard is by hiring a house painter.

The hiring of a good paint service gives your interior and exterior immediate cosmetic upgrades. Nothing enlivens a weather-worn exterior or drab, washed-out interior walls better than a fresh new paint job. Not only will the room look different and brighter, but it will also feel different and force you to refocus your reality.

Is House Painting Considered a Capital Improvement?

A professional house painter can give a room or house a whole new look which instantly adds appeal to your home. People should always look at their property as an object of pride as well as a home. Improving your home is always a smart move, whether you intend to sell it in the future or just want to have a comfortable and attractive home for your family.

Although house painting is not considered a capital improvement by the IRS, it still adds real estate value to your property especially if you will eventually sell your home. Many people balk at doing a home improvement that will not fit under this IRS classification because they aren’t able to deduct the cost from their taxes. Keep in mind, a home upgrade that will qualify as a capital improvement will set you back a lot more than the cost of a paint job.

The value of hiring a painting service is getting dramatic results at an affordable cost. When you can make capital improvements on your property like adding a new bathroom, kitchen, or deck, house painting may slide lower down your list of home improvements. However, if money is an option, and you want your home to look better fast, painting is a perfect solution.

Fresh Paint Adds Curb Appeal

Painting your home will immediately raise the real estate value of your home by giving it curb appeal. An attractive home with a fresh paint job easily catches the eye of potential buyers. Along with added beauty, fresh paint offers a practical benefit by protecting the structure of your home from weather damage.

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