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Our Painting Warranty: What You Need to Know

At Elite Painting Colorado, we stand behind our work and are committed to ensuringthat you are completely satisfied with your painting project. Our painting warranty is animportant part of our commitment to customer satisfaction, and we want to make surethat you understand what it covers and how it benefits you.


Here are the details of our painting warranty:


1. Pay the full contract price.

2. Retain a copy of the original contract.

3. Retain a copy of your cancelled check or other evidence of payment in full.

4. Make the property accessible to Elite Painting Colorado or his employees, to perform the repairs


This limited warranty does not cover:


  • We offer different warranty options ranging from 4 to 6 years depending on the

quality of paint used in your project. Our team will discuss the available options
with you and help you choose the best one for your needs and budget.

  • Our warranty covers all aspects of the painting project, including preparation,

priming, painting, and clean-up.

  • We guarantee our workmanship and materials for the duration of the warranty

period from the date of completion.

  • If you notice any defects in our workmanship or materials during this period, we

will promptly fix the issue at no cost to you.

  • Our warranty does not cover normal wear and tear, settling, movement of the

building structure, fading, varnished surfaces, or damage caused by acts of God,
such as weather-related damage or natural disasters.

  • Our warranty does not cover any surface where the damage results from a

structural design allowing moisture to collect.


If you have any questions about our painting warranty or need to make a claim, please
contact Elite Painting Colorado at 720-231-4810 . We are always here to help and will
do everything we can to ensure that you are completely satisfied with your painting


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