Looking for ‘exterior painters near me’? If you want to find ‘exterior painters near me’, our professionals can help you at Elite Painting Colorado. There are so many affordable ways for you to make your home brighter, fresher and more aesthetically appealing. If you’re bored with the way your house looks, it will need to be remodeled. You could have an issue with the stained, unsightly walls in your home. Perhaps, the living room could use a touch of blue paint that will give the room more character. By walking throughout your home, you can decide which rooms will need to be transformed. By carefully planning for the home renovation you want, the process will not be so overwhelming. You can determine what beautiful colors that you can use to make your home look more updated. Your walls can be painted with a nice color that creates a focal point of interest, and you can also opt for a color that will make the room more spacious.

Do you need ‘exterior house painters near me’? When you want to hire ‘exterior house painters near me’, our painters can serve you at Elite Painting Colorado. Our house painters have a service that is unique and convenient. You can give your living space an instant facelift by having the walls beautifully painted. We’re well versed in several painting techniques that will give the rooms in your house a fantastic look. If you’re concerned about improving the appearance of your house, we can do all the difficult work for you. 

If you want to hire house painters that will surpass your needs, you can contact us at Elite Painting Colorado. Our professional staff is ready to arrange an appointment for you. Learn about our painting services by visiting our site at


Power Washing

All surfaces will be cleaned of pollutants, dirt, and mildew.

Protect Property

Any and all landscaping will be protected by drop clothes or poly plastic. Windows, bricks, and light fixtures will be covered completely.

Scraping and Priming

Loose paint will be scraped and primer added to bare wood and/or metal

Wood Repair

Rotting, broken, or otherwise damaged wood trim will be identified during our visual inspection of your home. Required repairs will be noted on your exterior proposal and brought to your attention.


Loose caulking will be removed and replaced. Loose nail holes and open gaps will also be caulked.


We will proficiently spray and/or brush using on the most premium quality paint.

Cleanup / Protocol

Cleanup is performed daily and at completion of the project. A walk-around inspection is conducted with you to ensure your complete satisfaction.



We also provide interior painting services to the following cities in Colorado:

*If your city is not listed above, please give us a call for a quote, we work throughout the Colorado region!


By using Sherwin Williams, Kwal, Benjamin Moore, and Diamond Vogel Paints, we assure you that you will be getting the freshest coat of paint available. We always use the best quality paint and materials.


The owner of Elite Painting Colorado works on site and clearly inspects all projects to bring you the quality you deserve. We arrive on time and we work until the job is complete, no matter what.


Here at Elite Painting Colorado we insure a 4-6 year warranty on both workmanship and materials. Our goal is provide you with the best possible experience including after we've finished the job.

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